• Utilize Proxmox as a virtualization host
  • Host game servers utilizing Pterodactyl.
  • Maintain a Kali Linux machine for penetration testing.
  • Operate a WireGuard server and a Tailscale controller for secure remote access.
  • Implement and manage Home Assistant for home automation and smart device integration.
  • Hosting a pfSense firewall for network security.
  • Docker:

  • Deploy a Nextcloud instance for file synchronization and collaboration.
  • Oversee a recursive DNS server for efficient domain name resolution.
  • Manage websites for personal use and friends with Nginx and a reverse proxy.
  • Maintain a Bitwarden password manager instance for secure credential storage.
  • pfSense:

  • Operate pfSense as a firewall solution.
  • Implement VLANs for network segmentation.
  • Configure failover setups for enhanced network reliability.
  • Employ IP blocking mechanisms to enhance security.
  • Manage dynamic DNS for updating my public IP to outside services.
  • Assign static IP addresses to devices for network stability and ease of management.
  • Affiliations

    In August 2023, I joined the Embedded Systems team with the objective of implementing a robust PostgreSQL Database equipped with essential features to ensure its reliability during natural disasters.

    A year earlier, in August 2022, I became a member of Panda Hat Competition, a Cybersecurity Research Group, initially to enhance my cybersecurity skills. Over time, I assumed the role of Co-Project Manager, where I contributed to administrative tasks, organized meetings, and mentored members in cybersecurity to prepare them for Capture the Flag Competitions (CTFs).

    During the same period, I also became a member of CAHSI, a remarkable organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for Latino students, which has provided me with numerous valuable opportunities.